Case Study: Disaster Recovery vs Data Backup

These are true stories.  Two clients had their primary Server’s Active Directorys become corrupted, keeping everyone on the network (including Administrator) from accessing any of their files or data. This also kept us from a simple Active Directory restore from the previous night’s backup.

Each of these businesses had nearly come to a complete stop; very little work was getting completed without the server and was costing thousands as every hour ticked by.

Client One had opted NOT to have a Disaster Recovery Solution in place to save money. Their server crashed on a Friday morning, one of their busiest work days. We worked through the weekend to repair and rebuild their server configuration from scratch. The good news was that with a data backup solution in place no data was lost. But the cost of their server recovery/rebuild was over $3,000.

Client Two was using a Disaster Recovery Solution. All attempts to restore the corrupt Active Directory failed, but we were able to restore the complete primary drive partition from the most recent backup set. In less than two hours and $300 later, client two’s server was completely recovered, up-and-running and all their employees were back to work.

Which client do you want to be?

Although these are extreme examples, a Disaster Recovery Solution provided by NexLynx can easily pay for itself with a single server disaster.

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