MaiLynx: Managed Email, Security, Compliance & Marketing Services

Fully hosted cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) with no hardware or software to purchase or maintain.

MaiLynx Email SolutionsEven with the rise of social networks, email remains the cornerstone of modern communication. It's vitally important your email is secure, stable, powerful, deliverable and always available. NexLynx's cloud-based MaiLynx Suite of services is built on best-of-breed industry proven products and solutions from Microsoft, SmarterTools, GFI and Interspire.


MaiLynx SecureMail

Managed Email / Security / Continuity / Smart Host / Disclaimer

$5 / month • $2 / month Exchange Edition

Providing Exchange-level email functionality, reliability and features to small business, stopping email threats before they reach your inbox, always-on continuous email accessibility, even in the event of an email server outage, Smart Host provides cloud-based reliable email delivery and outbound email filtering, domain wide outbound email disclaimers to conform to your organizations policies.


MaiLynx Enterprise SecureMail

Managed Email / ActiveSync / 25 GB / Security / Continuity / Smart Host / Disclaimer / Recovery

$10.00 / month

In addition to our MaiLynx SecureMail with MailBackup packages, this solution includes mobile device collaboration and two-way over-the-air synchronization with Microsoft ActiveSync and an enormous 25 GB online storage for your messages and shared files.


MaiLynx MailMarketer and Survey

A locally supported email marketing, auto responder, survey and CRM solution.

starting at $14.95 / month

You need an affordable, profitable way to reach new customers and keep existing customers buying from you. Linking to your customers has never been simpler. MaiLynx MailMarketer is a true all-in-one communications platform and includes everything you need to create, send and track professional HTML emails, auto responders, events, contacts and survey forms linked to your email campaigns is incredibly easy to use.

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MaiLynx SecureMail with MailBackup

Managed Email / Security / Continuity / Smart Host / Disclaimer / Recovery

$6.50 / month • $3.50 / month Exchange Edition

In addition to our MaiLynx SecureMail package, this solution includes continuous protection of your email from long term email server outages, corrupt or lost mail stores with MaiLynx MailBackup, 90-day email backup of all inbound, outbound and interoffice messages in a cloud-based secure backup.


MaiLynx MailArchive

10 year Compliant Archive / Backup / Recovery

$3 / month • $3 / month Exchange Edition

Solve your email compliance and regulatory requirements with MaiLynx MailArchive cloud-based secure archival, search and retrieval of all your inbound, outbound and interoffice messages. Continuous protection of your email in the event of long term email server outages, corrupt or lost mail stores. When disaster strikes your valuable email isn't threatened.


Exchange Editions

Doesn't require the Managed Email service

Even if you already have your own email server or service, your business can still benefit from each of our cloud-based MaiLynx hosted services without our Managed Email option. One-time setup fee may be required.


MaiLynx ActiveSync

Two-way Real-Time mobile device over-the-air synchronization

$3.00 / month