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Managed Remote Services

managed remote servicesWe believe your technology should work, freeing you from worry, allowing you to concentrate on running your business and not your computers. Utilizing NexLynx Managed Remote Services is a method for you to transfer day-to-day technology management responsibility for improved effective and efficient IT operations, while reducing overall budget expenditures.

NexLynx Managed Remote Services provides significant improvement over conventional IT Support, which means you can rest assured your servers, workstations and laptops are in business-ready condition. Our proactive, preventative monitoring solutions will check and monitor key components of your systems, alerting our Support Team to problem conditions, rather than waiting for you to notice a system problem or failure. We'll almost always know about an issue before you do, so it can be fixed quickly, minimizing your business disruption.


Our Managed Remote Services Solutions Anywhere
Workstation/Notebook or Server W S W S W S W S W S
* Monthly Pricing $12.95 $12.95 $4.95 $19.95 $9.95 $24.95 $9.95 $49.95 $49.95 $199.00
Allows secure anytime, anywhere remote access to your computer by our NexLynx Support Team for troubleshooting and justify repair of issues and updates after-hours to minimize disruption to your employees and business. Saving you money by avoiding on-site technician visits. Checkmark Checkmark   Checkmark   Checkmark   Checkmark   Checkmark
Protect your computers with GFI VIPRE Antivirus Business' real-time monitoring - detects and blocks viruses, worms, spyware, Trojans, bots, and rootkits with low impact on system resources. Fully hosted and managed by our NexLynx Support Team.     Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Malware removal at no additional cost to you. Using customized removal techniques our NexLynx Support Team will safely remove even deeply rooted infections remotely and quickly without any data loss.         Checkmark Checkmark +$7.95 +$5.95 Checkmark Checkmark
Remote Monitoring of your computer with customized proactive, preventative Daily Health Checks and 24/7 Critical Systems Monitoring of key components. When any problem is discovered we'll instantly alert you via email, replying instantly creates a support ticket authorizing the repair, allowing convenient tracking through our Support Portal.              Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Our NexLynx Support Team will schedule reviews and installation of missing patches and security updates from Microsoft, Adobe, Apple, Google, Java, Firefox and others.                 Checkmark Checkmark
Secure managed cloud data backup, monitored by our NexLynx Support Team, you can rest assured your data is secure, protected and available for quick recovery.                   10GB

*prices subject to change

How do I get Started?

It takes just 10 minutes for the monitoring agent to be installed remotely, no need for a technician to visit. Contact NexLynx Sales to find out more.