Managed Security Complete

Patch Management plays a major part in your defense against internal and external threats to your business.

software patch managementIt's a fact that a major risk to business security comes through unpatched software, whether itís the operating system itself or the applications installed on it. It is very common for the most critical security and application updates to go uninstalled for extended periods of time, or not installed at all. Any given week there are a number of new security updates and patches for your Operating System and applications from, Microsoft, Adobe, Apple, Google, Java, Firefox and others that need to be installed. Many businesses simply lack the resources to address this huge, time consuming issue.

• Includes Anywhere RemoteAccess *
Managed AntiVirus Gold
Managed Remote Monitoring
10GB Managed Online Backup *

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* server installation only

NexLynx takes patch management seriously and can ensure your systems are as up to date as possible and remain protected, no matter what changes occur in your environment.

  • Through our RemoteMonitoring System our Support Team is alerted to your missing patches, updates and vulnerabilities.
  • Servers are scheduled for weekly reviews of missing patches and updates. We'll deploy required patches and updates after-hours to minimize disruption to your users and business.
  • For workstations we will schedule monthly reviews of missing patches and updates. Our Support Team will contact you to schedule a convenient time for deployment of missing patches and updates during business hours.
  • The RemoteMonitoring daily reports you receive will keep you updated to the status of your missing patches, updates and vulnerabilities.


How do I get started?
It takes just 10 minutes for the monitoring agent to be installed remotely, no need for a technician to visit. Contact NexLynx Sales to find out more.