Anywhere RemoteAccess

Allows secure anytime, anywhere remote access to your computer by our NexLynx Support Team for troubleshooting and justify repair of issues and updates after-hours to minimize disruption to your employees and business. Saving you money by avoiding on-site technician visits.

Remote access IT tech supportMost server repairs need to be performed after hours to minimize disruption to your business, Anywhere RemoteAccess provides anytime, anywhere access to your computers directly over the Internet, without the need of someone to initiate the session to quickly troubleshoot and repair most issues.

Primarily used for servers and mission critical workstations Anywhere RemoteAccess allows NexLynx Support Team to troubleshoot and resolve issues more easily with in-depth computer status, state and health information. An advanced dashboard displays system-level information for remote computers, including CPU memory load, top processes, latest error events, and more.

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  • Easily restart computer, even restarting in Safe Mode to perform debug operations.
  • Easily and securely transfer large files between Support Technician and your computer.
  • Easily print files, errors and logs from your computer to our local printer.
  • Easily stop and start hung Window Services without connecting to computers desktop.
  • We can wake a remote computer that is sleeping, or turn on one that is off.
  • Security is very important, our Anywhere RemoteAccess requiring two logins and utilizing 256-bit SSL encryption - the same level of security trusted by major online banking institutions.
  • Anywhere RemoteAccess saves the Support Technicians time, which means you save money.


How do I get started?
It takes just 10 minutes for the monitoring agent to be installed remotely, no need for a technician to visit. Contact NexLynx Sales to find out more.